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Jharkhand Network is the first ever biggest network of entire Jharkhand region i.e. spreading over North Eastern Part of India. It's target groups are Development Professionals, Media & IT experts, Researchers & University Students, Policy makers, Bureaucrats and NGOs Officers those could really hold the power to affect professionally to bring change at great land of Jharkhand. Click here to know more....
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Jharkhand Instant Messenger (J-iM) is an integrated part of the J'khand Online Network, where any one can post his/her messages instantly. Here, messages are not moderated at all and you may get reply via e-mail of your instant posts as well. This is just for sharing casual scraps and seasonal greetings instantly to your loving community circle. Click here to know more....
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Jharkhandi World presents your One Stop Colorful Destination, the first ever biggest 'Jharkhandi Music Video Blog' to share colorful music videos of following regional languages - Jharkhandi, Bihari, Bengali, Oriya and Chhatisgarhi.
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Jharkhand e-Database is the first biggest database of Jharkhand region people. It Gives brief idea about Members’ name, native place, designation, present city of stay and direct contact no. Click here to access it now...
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Jharkhand News Network has recently started electonically published news compilations (with source id), unpublished reporting news collections from A Global Network of Network's members and circulation by its moderators desk based at various city in India. Here, you may receive a colorful copy Jharkhand News everyday directly inbox of your E-mail if you become member of A Global Network of Jharkhand. Click here to subscribe free...
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Jharkhand Region has been an origin of various languages such as Hindi, Nagpuri, Mundari, Kharia, Kurux, Khortha, Santhali, Ho, Sadri, Oraon, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Maithli & Oriya etc; Here, Jharkhand Online Network is trying to connect native speaker of above languages to grow an online community. To know more please click here...
Jharkhand Minerals
Mineral rich Jharkhand Region has mines of following minerals - Apatite, Asbestos, Barytes, Bauxite, China clay, Chromite, Cobalt, Copper ore, Dolomite, Feldspar, Fireclay, Garnet, Gold ore, Granite, Graphite, Iron ore, Hematite, Magnetite, Kyanite, Limestone, Manganese ore, Mica, Nickel ore, Quartz, Quartzite, Sillimanite, Sillimanite, Talc, Stealite, Soapstone, Titanium, Tmenite, Rutile, Vermiculite & Coal etc. To know more please click here...
Famous waterfalls of Jharkhand
Famous waterfalls of Jharkhand


The Swarnarekha River falls from a height of 320, known as Hundru fall. At the base of the fall a beautiful pool is formed which allows visitors to take a good bath, but with precautions. During rainy season it takes a formidable form but in summer it turns in to an exciting picnic spot. It is about 36 Km from Ranchi in Angara block of Ranchi District.


It is about 32 km away from Ranchi and is situated on Rarhu river. It has a fall of 55 feet.


It is a beautiful water fall at the distance of 6 Km on the west of Chatra on way to Maloodah. The water falls in the reservoir from the height of 30 ft. On all the three sides there are rocks and in middle there is a reservoir


It is on Angara-Silli road. The Jonha falls is made by river Shankh but the flow of water slows down during summer.


It is about 25 km southeast of Ranchi on Ranchi-Jamshedpur road. This fall on Ranchi river has a drop of about 130 feet.


This waterfall on river Shankh is also very picturesque. It has drop of about 200 feet.


It is the highest waterfall of Jharkhand with a fall of 465 feet. It is on river Burha in Palamu district.


It is about 7 km north of Netarhat with a drop of 140 feet.


It is about 68 km away from Ranchi on Ranchi-Chaibasa road. The approach road as well as the fall gives a very attractive scene.


This waterfall is spotted on the confluence of the Damodar and the Bhera ricers in Rajrappa under Ramgarh district.

Moti Jharna:

It is on river Ajay and the water drop is of about 50 meters.

Panch Ghagh:

It is on Ranchi-Chakradharpur Road about 6 kms from Khunti district of Jharkhand. This fall consists of five streams.


This fall is 30 km from Bishunpur Block of Gumla district. It is a source of water for river Ghaghra.


It is about 3 km southeast of Simdega district as perennial channel running through two hillocks.


It is amidst in the range of the famous Parasnath Hills, the Usri River fall down from a steep gorge, some 40 feet high in three separate streams. Located about 14 km away from east of Giridih Town.


It is 8 km away from Chatra district of Jharkhand on the North-west part. This water fall is in three parts, between two hill rocks.


It is 8 km away of Chatra district of Jharkhand on the west. The water falls from the height of about 50 ft. without touching the sides of the hillocks. It has been cut in semi circle with steep walls.


At Dharagiri, 6 miles north of Ghatshila district of Jharkhand, there is a water fall 20 feet high, the legend about which is that the flow of the water is diverted if any man whose mother is not chaste places his head.

Source -> http://www.jharkhandi.org/waterfalls.htm
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